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Sound becoming Shape

We are building and developing unique percussion and effect instruments. Most of the instruments are made from natural material. Its characteristic sound  is worked out in the construction process. We are particularly pleased to realise the ideas of musicians.

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Here is another more detailed demonstration of the brushes. David gives an insight into the playing options. Some of the brooms are not yet on the instrument page. When I am back from Israel they will be available, too.

Many thanks David!

The broom played by Zohar Fresco is a double sided broom with fan shape. The percussion broom played by Korbi is the STALK modell, a big broom with a soft and crisp sound. The rattle will be available soon.

Check out the amazing feedback for our brushes in the test from bonedo!

Brooms tested on Cajon

Brooms tested on Drum Set

Brooms tested on Djembe and Conga

Here you can see the results of the this year's yield of my bottle gourd plantations. It is the second time I planted Lagenaria siceraria. The drying process takes about 5 month. Afterwards I will check the thickness of the shell to decide wether to plant the bottle gourds in a greater number or looking for possibilies to import gourds. It is a really appreciative material which I use for resonators of for example the Goni and Berimbau.

At the moment I am familiarising myself with the art of Goni making. This instrument is a lute-bridge-harp from West Africa. It has a really warm and comforting sound. I immediately fell in love, after having the possibility to strum one...