Raw Percussion

Korbi is the musical instrument maker behind Raw Percussion. As a passionate percussionist he has always been interested in experimenting with sound and material. In 2015 he decided to dedicate himself more to the development drums, brooms, sticks and small percussion. Before this he made his first comprehensive experiments with sound and material in the Peruvian Rainforest.

His first manual formation was carpentry. Over the following years he had the possibility to study with different craftsman and other musical instrument makers. Studies at the University and his soil field research in the Cloud Forests of Perú sensitised him to the ecological challenges we are facing today. The ecological aspects of the building process as well as backround information on the providers of raw material play an important role in his workshop.

Raw material

Whenever we purchase raw material, we pay heed to ecological cultivation. One long term goal is to cultivate, collect and process the bigger part of the rawmaterial we use. [more]



The offered products are made in small batch series. Wherever it is possible we try to resign adhesives or rather, if an adhesion is necessary, look for ecological alternatives to solvent containing glue.

Most of the junctures are made with technics of tying and braiding. [more]