On this page you will find all the projects, initiatives and companies we want to support or which we colaborate with.

Holz-Unikate Leipzig


We work together with this carpentry whenever we need different types of wooden raw material. Together, we make sawed veneer, which is used as sound board in the shakers.

A part from the carpentry they are establishing a timber trade with trees from the city of Leipzig.

Gregor Hering - Violin Maker


Whenever we have to discuss questions related to stringed instruments we build, we are happy to turn to him. His expertise and observing curiosity has already helped a lot to improve sound and timbre of the instruments we are developing at the moment.

Torsten Pfeffer - Musician/ Fine Artist


He is a highly skilled Percussionist, guitarist and teacher in Leipzig. If you are looking for written material on Frame Drum and Cajon, you should visit

This comprehensive instructional and playing material is a steady companion for every percussionist with attention to technical details and enthusiasm for etudes.


David Kuckhermann - Percussionist


After my first experiences with the frame drum during workshops with Glen Velez, David was one of the percussionists I stayed tuned with, whenever I wanted to get a glimpse of the possibilities of this incredibly versitile drum. Check out also his Handpan music, you will love it.
Together we developed a broom for Djembe playing. It was really nice experience of an creative process.


The first online shop in Norway, which has some of our broom models available. Very fine and selected drum parts and accessoires.